Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers

Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers make cabinet and doors

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Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers

woodworking manufacture

Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers

The four heads cnc router machine is made of 6.0kw air cooled spindle x4, vacuum table

Leadshine hybrid servo and Shanlong controller(no need to work with PC).

The four spindles could up and down automatically to make different engraving and cutting design

on doors, kitchen cabinets, mdf decoration, and interior decoration.

mdf door cnc router manufacture

Push Device of  Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers

There is a push device under the gantry, it will push the finished board in front of 

machine table, the push device is connected with dust collector, it will clean the table 

while pushing boards to make the table clean.

The pop pup pins are made of aluminum slot, big contact surface can make sure 

the high accuracy and keep the small pieces not fall off the table when the push 

device work.

push device cnc router machine manufacture

Machine parts

cnc router manufacture

Sample of Woodworking CNC Router Manufacturers

woodworking machine manufacture

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