Vacuum Table Cnc Router For Woodworking

vacuum table cnc router for woodworking
air cooling spindle
stepper motor and driver
fuling inverter
vacuum table
dsp a11 control system
taiwan hiwin guide rail and helical rack
two years warranty

Product Details

vacuum table  cnc router  for woodworking

one head cnc router (3)_mh1584413781918

主轴 cc富凌变频
air cooling spindlefuling inverter
oil lubricationdust collection
guide rail (2)ball screw
guide rail and rackball screw

vacuum table cnc router for woodworking video

cnc router machine advantages

The high-speed, high-torque, high-precision spindle adopts Fuling inverter to adjust the speed, which can meet the needs of high-speed machining and accuracy assurance; it can achieve high-speed milling of tools, high rotation accuracy, small rotation vibration, and low working noise. Fine carving without ripples, the bottom surface is smooth and clear, and the outline is clear.

The machine adopts a unique technology of integrated beam and bed. Gantry type high rigid structure. Good stress performance without deformation, ensuring long-term accuracy and service life of the machine, and strong shock resistance.

Three axes adopt imported HIWIN high-precision widened straight silver guide rails and self-lubricating blocks. Uniform force in all directions during engraving, ensuring mechanical accuracy and strength.

Software compatibility is strong, compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design and production software such as type3 / artcam / Wentai, with tool compensation, Chinese and English display, background editing, simulation operation display, fault display function.

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