T-slot Cnc Router For Carving

# Working area:1300x2500mm
# Gantry height:200mm
# Control system:DSP A11
# Table Surface: T-slot + PVC strip
# Spindle:double 3.2KW air water cooled spindle
# Motor: Stepper Motor
# Driver: Leadshine Stepper driver
# Max processing speed:15m/min
# Software:Artcam
# Transmission:Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
# Guide Rail:Taiwan Hiwin Original rails

Product Details

Good quality single head T-slot cnc router for carving wooden board

Video show of T-slot cnc router for carving<<<


Machine description

T-slot cnc router for carving

T-slot cnc router for carving

This is a T-slot cnc router machine with yellow and black color, the special color need discuss with us to customize it. We will do our best to meet all customer requirements, including working size, machine color , parts brand, package way and add extra accessory. 

Specifications of T-slot cnc router for carving


T-slot cnc router for carving

Wokring size


Frame of machine bed

Heavy duty large tube welding

1 set


Gantry Whole casting

1 set


3.2kw water cooled spindle (Speed: 0-24000rpm)

1 pcs


Fuling brand (To adjust the motor speed to achieve environmental protection and energy saving)

1 pcs

Motor and drives

450B Stepper motor and Leadshine stepper drives

4 sets

Control system

Richauto DSP A11 controller

1 set

Guide rails

Hiwin square guide rails (optional: ABBA guide rails)

1 set

Rack gear

Helical rack and gear

1 set

Table surface

T-slot and PVC board

1 set

Oil lubrication system

Manual lubrication

1 pcs

Emergency stop button

In case of unexpected situations, you can suspend urgently, more safer.

1 pcs


Independent control cabinet with wheel

1 pcs


G code, U00, mmg nc, etc



1 pcs


CE, Certificate of Origin

1 set

HS code


The feature of T-slot cnc router for carving

T-slot cnc router for carving

This type of cnc spindle adopts water circulation to cool the heat generated after the spindle rotates at high speed, which has the advantages of good cooling effect, low noise, long service life and high accuracy.

T-slot cnc router for carving

Whole machine is welded with thick square seamless steels structure; the stability is excellent, not easy to be deformed.

T-slot cnc router for carving

Leadshine brand is a famous company in China. The good quality is very good, easy assemble and operate. It's match with stepper motor ,stable, high accuracy, fast speed and long service life.

T-slot cnc router for carving

DSP control system can control processing speed, idling speed and tool failing speed respectively. No need to connect to a computer, it can save space. Simple operation, it is easier to learn and master. and it is easy to use this greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.

Application scope of T-slot cnc router for carving

1.Woodworking Industry: wooden door, various furniture product auxiliary processing.

2.Advertising Industry: Advertising label, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic suction for making advertising dedication, wordcutting, sign making.

3. Mold Industry: Apply for carving various molds, wood pattern, Foam mould

4. Musical instrument industry: instrument 3D surface engraving, shape cutting.

water cooled spindle cutting machine

T-slot cnc router for carving

Package of T-slot cnc router for carving

T-slot cnc router for carvingT-slot cnc router for carving

1)Stretchy film and plastic film for humidity.

2) We can package according to your requests.

3) Package size: 3250*2250*1880mm

4) Weight: 1200KG

Other working video

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T-slot cnc router for carving

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