Single Head Cnc Router Machine 4*8

single head cnc router machine 4*8
working size:1300*2500*200mm
spindle:air cooling spindle
inverter:fuling inverter
control system:DSP A11
table:t-slot table
motor:stepper motor and driver
warranty:two years warranty

Product Details

single head cnc router machine 4*8

one head cnc router (2)

cnc router one head

1325 cnc wood routert-slot cnc router machine

model:1325working size:1300*2500*200mm
motor:stepper motor and driverinverter:fuling inverter
spindle:air cooling spindletable:t-slot table
control system:DSP A11guide rail:hiwin guide rail
rack:herion rackwarranty:two years

single head cnc router machine 4*8

Why did you choose this machine?

1.Dust system


Function:Keep good maintainance of machine,keep environment clean,and make sure good quality of final products.


Comparison:Compare with other suppliers.we have bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe,Better design and quality of the dust brush, these ensure perfect dust collections system


Benefits:Improve high production efficiency,Keep clean surroundings of the factory,low cost of cleaning from worker,protect the workers health from dust,easy to keep the workers to work long-run.

2.Lubricating system


Funtion:Its pretty necessary to maintain the machine in dust area from woodworking,Lubricating system can prolong the lifetime and efficiency of the machine.


Comparison:We adopt the most professional brand “LIUBIAN”auto lubrication system.The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate 13 different points at same time on the machine no matter the points are close or far. Other suppliers are using the normal brand that only lubricate the closer points and then further ones,this cant ensure the balance of all points even some points cant get lubricated,for long time this may damage the machine.


Benefits:Small part may cause big damage,so we always call it “Small parts,Big role.”That’s the value of it.

single head cnc router machine 4*8 samples




single head cnc router machine 4*8 factory


factory (3)


shipping (2)

philicam group sale-after service

photobank (2)

photobank (5)


Philicam Group was established in 2003, which is a high-tech corporation with cnc routers development,design,production,maintainance and marketing. Engaged in R&D of CAD/CAM technology with the cooperation of Shandong Mechanical Institute,Philicam enjoys fast development and has a high level Professionalism and service system.   

Philicam was initially registered with half million RMB,and keep investment during the past years.Now Philicam has total value of 400 million RMB.Our customers and agents are located in 110 countries like south-east Asia,Middle east ,America areas and Europe.  

400 staffs are divided into 30% R&D department,40% technicians and engineers,13% sales and service and 4% for the back-end support. Philicam aims to double the scale and have 1000 staffs in 3 yeas,and reach 1 billion annually turnover and become a listed company.  

Customers satisfaction is our greatest goal.We offer 365 days and 24 hours service, including design,installation,training and maintanance etc.Our response time is 12 hours and solution in 2-4 days for international customers,6 hours and 1-2days for domestic customers. We provide pre-sales and middle sales service with our professional sales manager with ONE-TO-ONE model,for after sales service,we have english speaking engineer also with ONE-TO-ONE model.

Philicam was awarded “Advanced Woodworking Machinery Manufacture” by China Machinery Association in 2013.

And “Service Star of International Trading Industry” by Shandong international trading agency in 2016.

contact Ella:+8618265176293

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