Jinan Lifan Cnc Router For Wood Working

*Product name:Philicam cnc machines
*Control system:DSP
*Application:Wood working
*Spindle speed:0-24000RPM
*Transmission:Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
*Motor:Leadshine Stepper Motor
*Inverter:Fuling Inverter
*Table Surface:T-slot
*Guide rail:Taiwan Hiwin Square Guide Rail

Product Details

Company Introduction
   Philicam group is a professional CNC machine manufacturer,which owns 3 factories for cnc router,laser machine.
   With over a decade of experience,we understand that customer service is vital to attracting and retaining clients. Currently,we have over 30 sales agents and distributors in China,and our products are exported to countries in Southeast Asia,Western Aisa,the Middle East,Africa,America and Europe,etc.
   If you have a need of our products,please don't hesitate to contact us.
Parameter of philicam cnc machine
Control system
 DSP A11/NK 105
 China CC/HQD
 Leadshine stepper motor
Rail guide
Taiwan Hinwin square rail
 China helical rack
 Taiwan TBI
 China reducer
Pop-up pins
 Taiwan Airtac
 T-slot table
Sample of philicam cnc machine
Advantage of philicam cnc machine

Pop-up pins
1.Firstly all the installing surface are processed by five axis machining center, this can make the accuracy high enough.
  2.Secondly the pop-up pins are equipped with aluminum slots along Y axis, it can stop smalls pieces falling off the machine.

Lubricating system
 1. The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate about 30 different pointsat same time no matter the points are close or far. 
  2.Lubricating system can prolong the lifetime and efficiency of the machine.

Dust system

 1.Compare with other suppliers,we have bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe.
   2.Second,we have better design and quality of the dust brush,these ensure perfect dust collections system.
   3.It can keep good maintenance of machine, keep environment clean and make sure good quaility of final products.
Customer of philicam cnc machine
Certificate of philicam cnc machine
    Our philicam cnc machine have ISO,FDA,CE and other related certificates.
    Moreover philicam was awarded "Advanced Woodworking Machinery Manufacture" by China Machinery Association in 2013, and " Service Star of International Trading Industry" by Shandong international trading agency in 2016.
Transport of philicam cnc machine
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