Hot Sales FLDM1325 Wood Cnc Router Machine

Hot Sales FLDM1325 Wood Cnc Router Machine

FLDM1325 wood cnc router machine
This is a simple cnc router machine. Suitable for people who have never used a machine,easy control and save time.It can used for engraving:Wood, Plastic, Aluminium, Di-Bond, Engraving Board, Formex. Engineering plastics, marble, acrylic, Perspex, PVC, Composite panel, Copper, Alloys, MDF, etc
We have professional engineers can teach you how to use wood cnc router machine.Make sure the machine is working properly.

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Hot sales FLDM1325 wood cnc router machine


Machine pictures

wood cnc router


1.Woodworking Industry: wooden door, various furniture product auxiliary processing.

2.Advertising Industry: Advertising label, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic suction for making advertising dedication, wordcutting, sign making.

3. Mold Industry: Apply for carving various molds, wood pattern, Foam mould

4. Musical instrument industry: instrument 3D surface engraving, shape cutting.

wood cnc router

wood cnc router

Machine parts

The most important points of woodworking machine are control system, drive and motor, three axis transmission and spindle.

1. Control system: we use Richauto DSP A11, it is easy to use , this greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.

2.Drive and motor: Leadshine is a very famous brand, the quality of drive is also good. We use Leadshine stepper drive and 450B motor together. 

3.Three axis transmission: Z axis we use Taiwan TBI ball screw, high position accuracy and good moving stability.

X,Y axis are use Taiwan original rails and helical rack.This ensures accuracy and strength of the machine.

4.Spindle: Spindle is divided into water cooling and air cooling. From 3kw to 9kw. We generally rely on the needs of our customers. Normal machine we use 3kw water cooling spindle.

wood cnc router

                         RichAuto DSP A11                                        3KW Water cooling spindle


                  Leadshine stepper drive                                                  450B motor


          Taiwan Ball Screw                                                             Taiwan Original rails

Machine warranty

1.We provide the manual and video to teach you how to operate the wood cnc router machine.

2.If you still confuse we can teach you on line like Wechat /Whatsapp /Skype any way you want .

3.What's more you can learn in our company for free or we send our engineer to your country to teach you .

If you still have problems, pls contact Cony. Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype: 0086 18560115868.

Looking forward to your inqury.

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