PHILICAM Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router

PHILICAM Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router
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  91.8% Response Rate             88.6% Response Rate             70.1% Response Rate

Product Description Of Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router         

☑Advertising industry: cutting of acrylic and MDF, engraving of double-color boards, production of all kinds of advertising board and logo 

☑Furniture industry: cutting and carving of cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood, annatto furniture, antique furniture, all kinds of composite plates

☑Sheet metal processing industry: Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router are used in insulation, plastic chemical parts, PCB, compact grade laminate, resin, ABS, PP, PE and more

☑Arts and crafts industry: artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, steel, aluminium and more

☑Decoration industry: graphics and words carving on folding screen, wave board, bamboo, marble, organic board, double-colour board and more

Features Of Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router                          

1.Suitable for gravity machining

2.Welded structure with integral plate, forming one-time fashioning after aging process

3.Vacuum mesa structure, improve the processing precision and vibration resistance of the                machine,  vacuum adsorption

4.Material with different size can be conveniently and strongly                absorbed and clamped

5.High flexible electric cable, guarantee toughness within the machine's repeated running in a long    period

6.Mature Syntec system ensures a high-speed running, fine without sawtooth-wave, smooth                bottom surface and clear outline

Detailed Images Of Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router              


Samples Of Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router                           


  timg (2).jpg

Parameters Of Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router                      

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Automatic Tool Change Spindle CNC Router



X,Y Working Area


Z Working Area


Positioning accuracy


Lathe Structure

Welded with thick channel steels and square tubes

Thickness of machine bed

The machine body 8mm thickness.

Manufacturing process of machine bed

High temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief(VSR)


Vacuum table, with vacuum pump

Position mode

Pop-up pins

X,Y Structure

WMH Rack and rail

Z Structure

Rolling Ball screw

Ball screw

Original imported Taiwan TBI ball screw.

Guide rails

ABBA 25mm linear square guide rails 

by all axis XYZ

Max. Idling Speed


Max. working speed


Working voltage


Run command

HPGL G code


Italy Fam 5+4drillings spindle and 9.0 KW air cooling spindle

Spindle Speed


Tool Changer System

Disc auto-tool changer system with 12 pieces of tools

Motor and driver

Original imported YASKAWA servo 

motors and drivers


Original imported Japan SHIMPO 

Operating System

Original imported Taiwan Syntec control system

Position mode

Original imported AIRTAC Pop-up pins

Electric components

Original imported Schneider Electric

Dust-collect Function

Binocular dust collector

Oil-injection system

Automatic oil-injection system

PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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