4*8ft Engraving Cnc Router

Specifications of 4*8ft engraving cnc router
# Working area:1300x2500mm
# Gantry height:200mm
# Control system:DSP A11
# Table Surface: T-slot + PVC strip
# Spindle:3.5KW air cooled spindle
# Motor:Stepper Motor
# Driver: Leadshine Stepper driver
# Max processing speed:15m/min
# Software:Artcam
# Transmission:Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
# Guide Rail:Taiwan Hiwin Original rails

Product Details

Philicam 4*8ft engraving cnc router for making 3d design 

Product description

4*8ft engraving cnc router

Philicam engraving cnc router is a low cost CNC router machine with 4' x 8' size, which is mainly used for popular woodworking such as wood door making, cabinet making, woodcrafts making, furnitures and decorations. This is a economic CNC router within your budget.

How to engraving MDF board?


The application of 4*8ft engraving cnc router

1. Woodworking industry Wooden door, furniture and decoration, Cabinet Making, Wood crafts making, Redwood carving, Archaized furniture and other industries. 

2. Advertising industry Double face board and scutcheon, department brand, chest brand and the architecture board, ABS brand, acrylic and jade article. 

3. Electronic industry Circuit, insulation materials, LED screen, family appliance shell and model carving.

Samples pictures of 4*8ft engraving cnc router

4*8ft engraving cnc router

4*8ft engraving cnc router

4*8ft engraving cnc router

Feasures of 4*8ft engraving cnc router

1. Beam and machine body are integrated , good rigidity gantry with good performance against pressure and deformation . Ensure the high precision , longevity and good stability.

4*8ft engraving cnc router

2. The 3.5kw spindle of the 4*8ft engraving cnc router machine we use is the domestic Changchuan . The air-cooled spindle has good durability, good heat dissipation and low noise.

4*8ft engraving cnc router

3.  DSP control system can control processing speed and tool falling speed respectively without PC,and it is easy to use, this greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency

DSP A11_副本

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4*8 engraving cnc router     4*8 engraving cnc router

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As a manufacturer, we have more than 15 years factory experience for wood cnc router. We can devoted to the research and manufacture of many different models. Contact me and told me your inquirement and get the best price. 

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4*8ft engraving cnc router

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