1325 CNC Router Review

1325 CNC Router Review

1325 CNC Router Review
* Increase productivity
* Save time cost
* High processing accuracy
* Save labor
* Processing different designs
* Long lasting lifetime
* You deserve to have it

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1325 cnc router machine is mainly used for wood door making, cabinet making, sign making, furniture making, decoration making and other popular woodworking. Now the best cnc router machine for sale at an affordable price.



1325 CNC Router Review

1325 CNC Router Review

1325 cnc router machine also named as 4*8ft cnc router machine.

Standard MDF board's size is 1200*2400mm, so the 1300*2500mm working area will suitable for your cabinet door furniture producing. 

If you want more bigger size like 1500*2500 cnc router, 1500*3000 cnc router, 2100*3000 cnc router, we can also make it as your requirements.


1325 cnc router1325 cnc router (2)1325 cnc router (3)

  3.0 kw water cooled spindle

                   DSP A11                 Lubrication
1325 cnc router (1)1325 cnc router (7)1325 cnc router (6)

             Stepper motor

            Leadshine driver             Fuling inverter
1325 cnc router (8)1325 cnc router (5)1325 cnc router (4)


                 Transformer              Limit switch


1325 CNC Router Review


* Lubricant wipes rails and racks

* Protective film covers guide rails and racks

* Plastic film winding machine

* Strong plywood box packaging

1325 CNC Router Review


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