1325 Cnc Router Machine For Wood Furniture

1325 Cnc Router Machine For Wood Furniture
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1325 Cnc Router Machine For Wood Furniture


♠ F3 is the professional machine for board cutting and drilling of custom panel-type furniture, It completely replace the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw, it get rid of traditional cutting model dependence on artificial, it can both cutting and drilling, it realize intelligent production through the combind with a dedicated production design software. Saving labor, material and time!

♠ Good quality parts: adopt Taiwan linear guide rails; Geman made ball screw; High-power air cooling spindle; Taiwan reducer; Servo motor and driver system, etc.

♠ Reasonable design: independent Operation Cabinet, keep operation and mainteance to be more convenient.

♠ Perfect automatic oil lubrication system, extend the working life of the machine.

♠ Software: with the Artcam software, It enables easy design and split single of custom wardrobe cabinet, intelligent layout, zero error.

1325 cnc router machine main parameters:


ModelF3-machining center
Working area1300*2500*200mm
Operating systemTaiWan Syntec
Spindle9 kW air-cooled spindle
Guide railTaiwan 20mm square guide rails
RackGerman WMH rack
TableHigh density double vacuum adsorption table
ScrewTaiwan TBI ball screw
ReducerJapanese reducer
FrameWelded structure
Tool changer12 servo tool changer
Electrical devicesSchneider Electric Devices
ScrewTaiwan TBI ball screw
Packing size3200*2250*2000mm
Working voltageAC380/240V
Command codeG code

ATC cnc router machine main picture:


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