Wood Cnc Machine Price

Wood Cnc Machine Price
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wood cnc router machine price

philicam wood cnc router machine with very good price and best quality.They are very hot sale in the market.



wood cnc router machine 2018 exihibition notice

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Wood cnc router machine price and video


Wide range of application of our cnc router machine price

Engrave and cut on hard wood, MDF, Aluminum and plastic composite panel,Acrylic sheet, ABS double color sheet, PVC foam sheet, wooden sheet,PCB Aluminum sheet etc.

1. Furniture industry: solidwooden doors, composite doors, cabinet doors,interior doors, sofa legs, headboards, antique furniture and superficial flower-shaped engraving of various plate-type furniture and disposable finishing of process.

2. Decorated industry: variety of decorations engraving process such as decorative murals, screens, decorative patterns, three-dimensional wave boards, sound-absorbing panels and so on.

3. Advertising industry: engraving and making for acrylic cutting and engraving, acrylic plastic model making, badges and a variety of logo signs.

4. Arts & crafts industry: sculpture making of arts & crafts such as process relief, shadow carving, craft ornaments, car accessories and so on.

5. Semi-finished products processing of industrial equipment accessories: deep processing for semi-finished products such as countertops of industrial sewing machines and electrical cabinets.

6. Musical instrument industry: headstock processing ,guitar semi-finished products processing, surface sculpture and three-dimensional curved surface making of various musical instruments' decorative patterns.

 Samples of our cnc router machine price

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