Wardrode Making Machine ATC CNC

Wardrode making machine atc
Wardrode production line
economize on manpower
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Wardrode making machine:

Wardrode making machine atc

  double spindle cnc router 


Wardrobe production line

Automatic tools changer cnc router machine

# standard size : 1300x2500x200 

Can cutting standard size board:1220x2440 

# function: cnc cutting +automatic position+automatic 

pushing +automatic dust collect (if need to save labor,add a loading unloading system) 

# Production one board from loading to unloading about 10-13 min, just need one labor to labeling then take production to edge 



Edge bonding machine

Pre-milling: double milling cutter is used to modify the ripple marks, burr or non-vertical phenomenon caused by cutting board saw \ after cutting material saw, so as to achieve better sealing effect.

Glue sealing: through special structure, make both sides of edge sealing plate and edge sealing material uniformly glue, ensure more firm adhesive force. 

Block head: it moves through precise linear guide rail, adopts automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting structure to ensure smooth and smooth cutting surface. 

Finishing: automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure are adopted to ensure the flat and smooth upper and lower parts of the trim plate. It is used to repair and process 

the excess edge sealing material above and below the edge sealing strip of plate. The finishing knife is r-shaped. 

Scraping: it is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the 

cutting process of non-linear motion of trimming, making the 

upper and lower parts of the plate more smooth and tidy. 

Polishing: Clean the finished plate with cotton polishing wheel, 

and make the sealing end face more smooth by polishing.

Side Drilling Machine (1)Side plate hole drilling

Wardrode making machine ATC CNC Details





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