Tool Change Wood Cnc Router Price

Tool Change Wood Cnc Router Price

tool change wood cnc router price
working size:1300*2500*200
spindle:air cooling spindle
inverter:fuling inverter
tool change:8~12 tool change
table:vacuum table
control system:LNC
guide rail and rack:taiwan hiwin guide rail and helical herion rack
cylinder:position cylinder

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tool change wood cnc router price


atc cnc router machines

8~12 tool change

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atc cnc router machine

Spindle Cylinders on Z axis(Mechanical Design)

Function:Z axis is the key part of the whole its important that all parts are installed and connected correctly and reasonably.


(picture or on site) This design is with large contact surface so that the accuracy of small parts are ensured.  The plate is made from steel so that it can make sure there is no screw slippery during installation and working.This keeps constant accuracy after long term operation.Other suppliers are using small contact surface design and plate is made from aluminum,so there is no accuracy at all and cant use for long time.

The installation technology(Picture). We use Taiwan Airtac cylinders.The concept of the design is easy installation,easy testing,easy replacement and easy to adjust the Parallelism and perpendicularity of the cylinders. Other suppliers dont have the concepts that we have,not even to mention the accuracy.(1.Contact surface 2.Plate material 3.Cylinder)By comparison I want to say that different concepts makes different products,all these concepts are from our professional design team including 4 mechanical engineers,2 electric engineers and 3 process design engineers which are with related majors and rich practice experiences,Instead,the company you mentioned just now is still using the design that we used 5 years ago. Whats more,the owner of our company was also majored in mechanical engineering so he always puts product design,quality and service in the first place,he believes what bring profits are quality and service,and this is the key reason of our success as well as our customers.  

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cnc router machine advantages

1.Dust system


Function:Keep good maintainance of machine,keep environment clean,and make sure good quality of final products.


Comparison:Compare with other suppliers.we have bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe,Better design and quality of the dust brush, these ensure perfect dust collections system


Benefits:Improve high production efficiency,Keep clean surroundings of the factory,low cost of cleaning from worker,protect the workers health from dust,easy to keep the workers to work long-run.

2.Lubricating system


Funtion:Its pretty necessary to maintain the machine in dust area from woodworking,Lubricating system can prolong the lifetime and efficiency of the machine.


Comparison:We adopt the most professional brand “LIUBIAN”auto lubrication system.The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate 13 different points at same time on the machine no matter the points are close or far. Other suppliers are using the normal brand that only lubricate the closer points and then further ones,this cant ensure the balance of all points even some points cant get lubricated,for long time this may damage the machine.


Benefits:Small part may cause big damage,so we always call it “Small parts,Big role.”That’s the value of it.


tool change wood cnc router price samples

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tool change wood cnc router price factory

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