Router Cnc Cutting Board

Product Details

Router Cnc Cutting Board

cnc router cut board


1.Four spindles can use two different tools for different processing at the same time, which is similar with an economical auto-tool changer cnc machine center with two tools.
2.the vacuum pump holds tightly the carving materials which makes operating more reliable an convenient.
3.leading rack rotation with high speed and strength.air speed can be 50m/min,when working in wave board also can be 25m/min.
4.advanced USB connection with DSP operating system,fast &smooth processing,our routers can completely work off-line.
5.the whole welding structure is shaped through tempeing treatment,making it solid and long lasting.


Furniture: wooden doors, chairs,cabinets, stairs,computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments
Plate processing: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture
Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexi-glass, plastic, and copper and aluminum and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting.


cnc router

Machine details

The machine pop up pins is made of aluminum slot, the big contact sufface can make sure the small piece of the finished boards will not fall off the table, The famous airtac cylinder could be adjusted to control the air quantity.

cnc router cylinder

vacuum table cnc router

unloading system

The umloading system is connected to dust collector, it could push the finished boards in front of table and clean the table at the 

same time, it will make sure the table is clean when work on next board.

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