Rotary CNC Axis

3kw water cooled spindle
Fuling inverter
Leadshine servo motor
Hiwin square rail guide
Helical rack
Omron sensor
T-slot table
Rotary length 600mm,diameter 300mm

Product Details

          Philicam Rotary CNC Axis Woodworking Machine

Rotary cnc axis machine can process not only plates but also cylindrical materials, suitable for table legs. Similar products are FLDM1325-1, FLDM1525-2, Big size wood cnc, Linear atc machine and so on.

Rotary CNC Axis (1)

Rotary CNC Axis (2)

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Test Demo

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Advantage

Rotary cnc axis combain tranditional wood cnc router and easy rotary axis, one machine can do two different type wood work.

As the machine manufacturer with more than 10 years experience, we provide 24 month machine warranty, all life time machine service.

We have manual, operate video to teach you how to operate the machine, Engineer one-to-one model provide service.

All our machine design, like structure and machine parts can be made as your requirements.

Welcome visit us in Jinan city and get free training directly.

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Samples

  1. Table leg with rotary attachment

  2. 3d and 2d design for cabinet, decoration, doors, hollow, bed design and so on.

Rotary CNC Axis

Rotary CNC Axis

Rotary CNC Axis

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☛ PHILICAM --- Rotary cnc axis manufacturer

Rotary CNC Axis

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Customer

Rotary CNC Axis

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Factory

Rotary CNC Axis

☛ Rotary CNC Axis Similar Videos

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Rotary CNC Axis

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