Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production

Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production

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Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production

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Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production machine performance characteristics:

1. Adopt Taiwan Syntec control system, humanized interface design, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training, no need for professional knowledge.

2, double spindle, can be used for nesting, it can also clamp different tools, work with the  spindle for material cutting, milling, engraving, etc., reducing tool change time. With a 5+4 Italian import drill head for vertical punching.

3,Double work table, you only need to carry 1 person to operate, with the use of the edge rotation line, one person can complete all operations.

4. automatic positioning of the plate, peace of mind; high utilization of the plate, CNC cutting machine using milling cutter cutting material can be arbitrarily adjusted direction, with optimization software, combined order layout utilization rate of more than 90%.

5, equipped with custom furniture design software, to achieve optimized typesetting, rapid processing and cutting, can be processed.

Compared to the advantages of Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production:

(1) Simple operation: the automatic typesetting software matched with the panel furniture cutting machine can automatically optimize the typesetting by inputting the sheet size, and generate the processing code. The ordinary workers can easily get on the job after 3-5 hours of training, and get rid of the skilled workers. 

(2) Time saving: computer automatic typesetting, the efficiency is much higher than manual calculation, saving typesetting time. The panel furniture cutting machine is equipped with an automatic positioning cylinder, which does not need to be repeatedly positioned after feeding, saving the feeding time. Vacuum suction table to fix smaller size plates.

(3) Material saving: The computer automatically optimizes the typesetting, maximizing the utilization rate of the plate furniture sheet.

(4) Labor saving: The previous equipment for pushing the table saw and so on requires two people to operate. The worker keeps turning the plate, adjusts the ruler, and the work intensity is large. The plate type furniture cutting machine can operate multiple machines, and the work intensity Small, thus saving labor costs.

(5) Shaped cutting: The plate type furniture CNC cutting machine adopts the milling cutter cutting method, which can cut any shape, and the automatic typesetting software can also optimize the typesetting of the shaped type, so that the shaped cutting becomes faster and more precise.

(6) High quality of cutting material: plate furniture sheet cutting without chipping and accurate size provides effective protection for later installation;

(7) Improve the working environment of workers: The professional dust-collection design of the panel furniture cutting machine can absorb most of the dust during the processing, which changes the working environment of the traditional sliding table saw dust.

Machine parts of Nesting CNC Router Customized Furniture Production

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