Multi Spindle CNC Router for Wood Cabinet Furniture

Multi Spindle CNC Router for Wood Cabinet Furniture
Product Details

multi spindle cnc router for wood cabinet furniture

Technical Parameters



Working Area


Traveling Positioning Accurary


Repositioning Positioning Accurary


Frame Structure

Welded Structure


Vacuum table, with vacuum pump

Guide rails

Original imported Taiwan Hiwin square rails

Ball screw

Original imported Taiwan TBI ball screw

Max. Working Speed



Total 4 sets,  one set 4.5kw, 3 sets 3.5kw. Are automatic air cooling spindles

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Servo motor and drivers


Sunfar inverter-best in China

Control system

Shanlong computer control system

Oil injection system

With oil injection system

Tool sensor

With tool sensor

Command Code

G code,*uoo,*mmg, *plt

Cutters and collet

A set of cutters and collets

X-Y-Z Working accurary


Running circumstance

Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Relative humidity: 30%~75%

Packing Size

3100x2200x1750 mm




1. Distribution keyboard control: Introduction, convenient and easy to learn split keyboard operation, users can quickly and flexibly grasp the use of equipment, and the independence is stronger.

2. Intelligent processing cross-border protection function: Prevent mechanical collision phenomenon caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range.

3. Unique pneumatic positioning platen device, solenoid valve controls the vacuum adsorption table, accurate feeding, high speed and high efficiency.

4. Intelligent processing speed control: It can control the processing speed separately, truly improve the processing efficiency, extend the tool life and improve the yield.

5. Advanced file pre-processing function to help users correct errors in processing files in a timely manner, and can be well compatible with processing codes generated by various domestic and foreign software (such as Mastercam, Typ3, UG, Artcam, Caxa, etc.).

6. Advanced three-bit curve prediction algorithm, the line is stable, ensuring the speed and accuracy of the curve.

7. Embedded CNC system based on Windows platform, wireless upgrade control function. The anti-jamming design of the hardware and software synchronization ensures reliable operation of the system time.

8. With breakpoint, power-off and continuous carving function. With automatic return error correction function, it can effectively guarantee the processing precision in the studio for a long time.

9. The whole machine is welded seamlessly with steel structure, with strong performance and no deformation.

10. Suitable for woodworking, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets, abrasive processing and other industries.

More pictures

Machine with pushing device:

Machine with Double working table:

Machine Parts of multi spindle cnc router for wood cabinet furniture    


Applicable material:

Wood,solid wood,MDF, PVC, acrylic, plastic,PCB, double-color board,ABS board,foam,jade,stone, imitation stone, aluminum,copper, etc.

Field of application:

Woodworking, furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, Advertising industry, seal industry, craft and gift, art mould, mould,

musical instrument, wooden handicraft, etc

Strict high precision testing and Strict high precision machine body and machine parts processing

multi spindle cnc router 2.jpg

Samples of multi spindle cnc router for wood cabinet furniture