Vacuum Table Cnc Wood Router Price

vacuum table cnc wood router price
working size:2100*3000*200mm
spindle: air cooling spindle
motor:stepper motor and driver
inverter:fuling inverter
table:vacuum table with pump
guide rail:hiwin square rail
rack:herion helical rack
oil lubrication
2 years warranty

Product Details

vacuum table cnc wood router price

2130double head

2130double head (3)

mmexport1566286987143ball screw
fuling inverterball screw
guide rail (2)注油
guide rail and rackoil lubrication

vacuum table cnc wood router price

cnc router machines advantages

Adopt high precision helical teeth, large contact area with gears, close meshing, high accuracy, fast running, stable torsion

Not only screw rods and bearings are imported from Taiwan. Even the bearing seats are also selected from Taiwan. durable

Durable, high precision and stable operation.

Welded bed, during vibration failure treatment, the bed will not deform, good stability, thicker table

High-strength, high-stability mechanical structure design, NC movement is stable.

XY-axis rack (smooth transmission, low noise, high transmission torque) Z-axis ball screw, wear resistance, small friction coefficient, with It has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and flexibility, and stable movement.

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Applied Industry

Advertising industry

Engraving machine can engrav various signs, trademarks, nameplates, badges, decorative gifts, embossed medals, certificates, souvenirs, photo frames, furniture decoration

Small woodworking industry:

The engraving machine can be used to sculpt solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint-free doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, cabinet doors and windows, bedside tables, screens.

Art industry:

The engraving machine can process wood products, solid wood art murals, relief crafts, jewelry, cosmetics packaging, musical instruments.

Soft metal industry:

The engraving machine can process aluminum panels, cans, aluminum honeycomb panels, train cars and aircraft interior decoration, bronze medals, copper molds.

electronic industry:

The engraving machine can engrave electronic components, integrated circuits, electronic plastic boxes, electronic product models, circuit boards, electronic light boxes, computer and mobile phone keyboards, and various electronic products.

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