Quality CNC Router

1500*2500*200mm working area
Double China 5.5kw water cooled spindle
T-slot working table along X axis
DSP A11 controller
Stepper motor & Inverter & Yako driver
Double bag dust collect system
Omron limit switch
24 month machine warranty
All life time service
Machine can be customized

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Quality CNC Router Details

Quality CNC Router

Quality CNC RouterQuality CNC Router

Quality CNC RouterQuality CNC Router

Quality CNC Router Working Video

Quality CNC Router Package

- Parts with lubrication to prevent rust.

Quality CNC Router

Samilar Quality CNC Router

Single head cnc routerDouble head cnc routerDisk atc cnc router
       Single Head CNC Router      Double Head CNC Router        Disk ATC CNC Router

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Single head cnc router

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Double head cnc router

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Quality CNC Router

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One day the mice had a meeting to talk about the way to deal with their common enemy. Some said this, and some said that. 

At last a young mouse got up, and said that he had a good idea. 

"We could tie a bell around the neck of the cat. Then when he comes near, we can hear the sound of the bell, and run away."

Everyone approved of this proposal, but an old wise mouse got up and said, "That is all very well, but who will tie the bell to the cat?" The mice looked at each other, but nobody spoke. 

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They soon became good friends. 

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