High Accuracy Cnc Router Machine

high accuracy cnc router machine
working size:1300*2500*200
spindle:air cooling spindle
motor:stepper motor and drive
inverter :fulinginverter
control system: DSP A11
gail rail: hiwin rail
rack: herion rack
Lubricating system
Japan Omron limit switch

Product Details

high accuracy cnc router machine




cnc router machine advantages

1.The advantages of Automatic oiling system : 1, microcomputer control, DIP switch settings 1,2,3,6,12 months automatic, uniform, timely and accurate daily injections of lubricant required. 2, the microcomputer with immediate start, no start-up delay time. 3, active controlled lubrication management, substantial savings in equipment maintenance costs. 

2.1)The transmission efficiency is high. 2)High sensitivity. (no vibration, no crawling, synchronicity is good). 3)High positioning accuracy. (can realize zero clearance transmission, strong rigidity, temperature rise is small). 4) long service life. (is more than 4 times than the normal ball screw, small wear, precision retention period is long). 5) use the lubrication , maintenance is convenient and reliable.

3.Compare the round rail , the square rails has more higher precision,less wear and tear can maintain high accuracy. Square rails apply to high-speed move and greatly reduce the drive horsepower the machine required.What’s more , can bear the load from left and right/up and down at the same time. The round rail has large bearing capacity ,cheaper than the square rails

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high accuracy cnc router machine factory





Philicam group

Philicam Group was established in 2003, which is a high-tech corporation with cnc routers development,design,production,maintainance and marketing.

Customers satisfaction is our greatest goal.We offer 365 days and 24 hours service, including design,installation,training and maintanance etc.Our response time is 12 hours and solution in 2-4 days for international customers,6 hours and 1-2days for domestic customers. We provide pre-sales and middle sales service with our professional sales manager with ONE-TO-ONE model,for after sales service,we have english speaking engineer also with ONE-TO-ONE model.

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Philicam customers from all over the world


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