Four Heads 3d Woodworking CNC Router for Door Cabinet

1. Three automatic tool change spindle could change tools automatically. 2. Different tools on cabinet door making. 3. Vacuum table to fix material and avoid waste of material. 4. Cylinder on table to fix material at right position everytime for cabinet door making.

Product Details

Four heads 3d woodworking cnc router for door cabinet


Machine parts

1.Pneumatic cylinder controlled auto head changing: 3 heads can be changed automatically, no need to changing tools manually, exilarates the speed and efficiency extremely.  

2.Intergal seamless welded steel tube structure. After tempering treatment, reliving of internal pressure, ensure the bathe more rigidty, reliability and durability. 

3.Top-quality world famous brand components, to make the machine hig-precision and high-efficiency. inverter, TBI ball screw, Ncstudio system HIWIN 20 square rail 

4.Hybrid servo motor and driver ensure that with strong power for cutting and engraving various solid wood 

5.CYLINDER TO FIX board position---It can make sure every wood plate is started to be engraved or cut at the same position. High accuracy. There is no need to adjust the start position by hand, it is fixed position, the cyliner can up and down automatically, more convenient   


Description Parameter 
X,Y,Z working area1300x2500x200mm
X,Y,Z Traveling positioning accuracy ±0.03/300mm
X,Y,Z Repositioning positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Lathe bed frameSteel square tubes
X,Y StructureRack and pinion, 
Taiwan HIWIN guide rails 20mm
Z Structure Ball screw  2510
Taiwan HIWIN guide rails 20mm
Drive motorsStepper system
Table surfacevacuum table
Fixing methodvacuum 
Max power comsumption (without spindle)2.0KW
Max rapid travel rate30000mm/min
Max working speed 20000mm/min
Spindle power 4.5KW
Spindle speed 6000-24000RPM
Working voltageAC220V/50/60Hz(option 380V)
Command languageG Code
Operatiing system NC studio control system 
Computer interface USB
Collet ER30
X,Y Resolution<0.02mm
Software compatilibyType3/Artcam/Artcut/Ucancam/JDpaint etc software
Running environment temperature 0-45 centigrade
Relative humidity 30%-75%


1.Woodworking industry,Wooden door, furniture and decoration; Wooden crafts making; Redwood carving, Archaized furniture.Also can used in other industry wood furniture manufacturing cnc router on sale.

2.Advertising industry, double face board and scutcheon, department brand, chest brand and the architecture board, ABS brand, the engraving and cutting of acrylic and the engraving of many jade article.



All machine are packed with standard inner plastic wrap and plywood case, inner package would be help to tight all the small parts in the package. And the plywood is firm enough to protect the machine.

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Question about the CNC Router:

1. What kind of gaurentee do you offer on your proffessional range of CNC router?
We offer a full 12 months back to base warranty on the router cnc and relevant manufacturers warranty on 3rd party add ons. This covers electrical and mechanical parts under 'normal use'. Please see a list of our terms and conditions.

2. How do you send your CNC wood router?

They are firstly greased thouroughly and packaged in a free-fumigation wooden crate. Usually, we send machine by ship, sometimes, as customer's requirement, send by air or by train. When the goods arrive at your sea port or destination, you can pick up goods with the bill of lading we offered. Or we can arrange the cargo agent to send goods to your door.

3. I want a size that you don`t make as standard, is this possible?
 Absolutely, we design and manufacture everything ourselves and indeed do many custom builds.

4. I am new to CNC, how difficult are your machines to operate?
We help a lot of beginners in CNC, if you have a reasonable knowledge of computers and are willing to spend a little time learning it is not that bad. Quite often when we sell a machine we send the manual out before the machine is ready for the customer to read ahead.

5. Does machine comes with software?
Yes, we offer Type3, ArtCAM software with machine, so it will be more convenient for you to operate machine.

6. How do you make the machine to cut parts? Is it easy?
CNC Controller, the motion control software we use, is based on standard G-codes. The G-codes provide a source code comprised of inches and axis movements which can be edited and understood by others. Most CAM packages will generate G-codes from the drawings you create. What you need is to create program from CAM software.

7. Do you offer training about products?
Yes, we can assign technician arrive at your company for the training at some charge, and accommodation, food, tickets will be charged.

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If you have any question about our cnc router, we could chat online now.

Contact person: Ruth Kong

Skype: lifancnc04


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