Double Head CNC Machine

Double head cnc machine
* 1300*2500*200mm working area
* 6.0kw air cooled spindle
* T-slot slot along X axis
* DSP A11 controller
* Leadshine servo motor
* Fuling inverter
* Lubricating system
* Japan Omron limit switch
* Double bag dust collection

Product Details

        1300*2500*200mm Double Head CNC Router Machine

double head cnc  machine


▶ Double head cnc machine with double independent 6.0kw air cooled spindle, T-slot working table with 1300*2500*200mm standard working size, suitable for the cabinrt doors production. Double head can work together which save your time cost.

   Working video


▶ Two spindles can be working synchronously as well as separately.

▶ Double head cnc machine is welded with seamless steel structure by five axis machining center, the stability is excellent, not easy to be deformed.

▶ Double head cnc machine adopts gantry movement, it can process any kinds of materials freely.

▶ Adopts Taiwan ball-screw on Z axis, having the character of high precision and long life time. XY axes adopt rack and pinion transmission, having character of fast working, high efficiency and low cost.

▶ Double head cnc machine has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

▶ Adopting advanced DSP system with USB connection, operated with the handle, convenient operation. ▶ Our engraver can completely work off-line and do not take any computer resources.


▶ Material: MDF, Plywood, Solid wood, Acrylic, Plastic, Aluminum and so on.

▶ Products: Cabinet, Furniture, Kitchen, Hollow, Decoration and so on.

double head cnc router

   Package & Delivery

▶ Strong plywood box to protect your double head cnc machine.

▶ Waterproof plastic film packaging double head cnc machine.

▶ Lubricant is applied to your machine to prevent rust.

▶ We can also package your machine as your wish.

double head cnc router


double head cnc router

   Philicam Group

▶ Started in 2003, professional for the wood cnc router machine research and production.

▶ Professional sales staff to provide you with pre-sales services.

▶ 24 month machine warranty, all life time machine service.

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double head cnc router

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