Cnc Router Machine 4*8 Good Price

Cnc Router Machine 4*8 Good Price

cnc router machine 4*8
working size:1300*2500*200
spindle:air cooling spindle
motor:stepper motor and driver
inverter:fuling inverter
control system:dsp a11
table:t-slot table
two years warranty

Product Details

cnc router machine 4*8



cnc router machine advantages

Compared with round rails, square rails have higher accuracy and less wear to maintain high accuracy. Square rail is suitable for high-speed operation, large

Greatly reduce the driving power required for the machine. And it can withstand loads from up, down, left and right at the same time.

We use the world famous Taiwan Shangyin guide rail, self-lubricating block. Uniform force in all directions during engraving ensures mechanical precision

Degree and intensity

Adopt Fuling inverter to adjust the speed, which can meet the needs of high-speed processing and

Accuracy guarantee; high-speed milling of the tool can be realized, high rotation accuracy, small rotation vibration, and low working noise. Carved fine without ripples,

The bottom surface is smooth and clear

Ball screw drive

The so-called ball screw is composed of a screw, a nut and a ball. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion. Thanks to the shaft After the rolling action becomes a sliding action, it has a small friction resistance, and the ball screw is widely used in various engraving equipment and precision Secret instrument. Applicable to the carving of classical mahogany furniture and antique furniture, wood carving crafts, gift wooden boxes, mahogany jewelry boxes Products, gimmick art carving, decorative products carving

Rack drive

Rack transmission is a transmission mode that controls the transmission accuracy through precision racks and the gear drives the equipment to run. Woodworking Industry: Board Wood plane, three-dimensional wave board processing, screen, craft window processing, cabinet door, solid wood door, craft wooden door, painting-free door carving Carving, cutting, hollowing out, punching and other processing

cnc router machine 4*8 details

IMG_20190805_131842mmexport1566286987143guide rail (2)
ball screw fuling inverterguide rail and rack

cnc router machine 4*8 video

 cnc router machine 4*8 factory

IMG_20190805_130956 (2)

factory (2)

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