Carving Cnc Machine With Two Spindles

# Working area:1300x2500mm
# Control system: Original Nc stuido without computer
# Table Surface: T-slot + PVC strip
# Spindle: Double 4.5KW air cooled spindle
# Motor: Leadshine servo motor and driver
# Software:Artcam
# Big size control box
# Transmission:Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
# Guide Rail:Taiwan Hiwin Original rails

Product Details

Philicam multifunction wood carving cnc machine with two spindles

carving cnc machine with two spindles

Machine video for cutting MDF board

This is a independent double heads cnc router machine. It's can do two works at one time. Carving cnc machine body using industrial steel pipe welding, box structure, large carrying capacity, high-precision planer processing, no deformation, accuracy is guaranteed, the fuselage is self-important, high-speed operation is not jittery, more stable.

Applications :

* Furniture:ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture,panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, etc.

* Other wooden products: stereo box, computer desk, musical instruments, etc.

* Well-suited for processing panel, insulating materials, plastic, epoxy resin, carbon mixed compound, etc.

* Decoration: acrylic, PVC, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper, etc.

carving cnc machine with two spindles

carving cnc machine with two spindles


1. Caving machine equipped with two heads, greatly saving cost and increase working efficiency twice.

2. The distance between the dual heads can be adjusted according to the working pieces being processed.

3. One spindle working or multi-spindle working is optional according to different demands.

4. Spindles of different powers of air/water cooling are optional.

5. Rotary axis of different diameters and length for the cylinder or column engraving is optional

6. Optional quantities of spindle: two spindles, three spindles, four spindles, etc

carving cnc machine with two spindlescarving cnc machine with two spindles

1. Carving cnc machine with two spindles, adopts the NC Studio PC control system, with the friendly man-machine interface, easy to learn and use; large capacity, complex file transmission, good system stability, high motion control precision; power-off and breakpoint protection.

2. Independent control box with machine, it can move avaliable and easy repair.

3.Heavy steel structure design, it can keep stable and high accuracy , to make perfect carving works. Even if you use few years , also can maintain high processing precision.

Other working video

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carving cnc machine with two spindles

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