Kitchen Cabinet Door Machinery

carrousel automatic tool change system, the tool magazine capacity of 12 (optional).

Product Details

kitchen cabinet door machinery

kitchen cabinet door machinery

kitchen cabinet door machine

kitchen cabinet door syntec controller

Features of kitchen cabinet door machinery

1. Stable structure: industrial production model, heavy-duty all-steel structure welding, tempering effect treatment, solid and non-deformation
2, excellent components: Taiwan control system, Italian spindle motor, spindle bearings are high-precision ceramic bearings, low noise and long life. Taiwan  linear guide ball screw, large bearing capacity, accurate cutting. The Japanese servo system has a large torque and a complete safety system.
3, modular structure design: select the configuration of various processing spindles, can carry out engraving, hollowing, cutting and milling work.
4, simple and safe operation mode, advanced file pre-processing function to ensure the speed and accuracy of operation.
5, carrousel automatic tool change system, the tool magazine capacity of 12 (optional).
6, high adhesion vacuum adsorption device, up to 312 cubic / hour.
7, software compatibility: open software interface, compatible with type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software generated processing code to ensure that the design is barrier-free.

Application of kitchen cabinet door machinery

Furniture industry: panel furniture, cabinets, sliding doors, soft bags, office furniture, wooden doors;
Wood products: speakers, swimming * play cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine table, three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of musical instruments, clocks, electrical countertops, sports equipment;
Sheet metal processing: insulating parts, plasticized parts; PCB; motor car body, bowling track; anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbonized mixture;
Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, plexiglass, plastic, and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum

Sample of cabinet making

kitchen cabinet

cabinet sample

Warranty time

One year warranty for machine. English technical to door service.

English manual and Video CD for machine using and maintenance.We offer free training in our factory, welcome to visit and learn more about our machines.

Free accessories: Software, manual, book, cd videos, PCI control

Before sale:

We would always be here to provide any information you need at the first time, and give professional suggestions according to your real needs for free;

During sale:

We would deal with all the production and shipping affairs, after everything is ready, we would tell you everything goes well here;

After sale:

1.We would provide English Version working manual.

2.If you have any questions during using and maintaining,our engineers who could speak very

   good English would answer you online or by calls.

3.Machine warranty is one year. So if your machine has any unintentional damages,

   we would provide parts for free.

4.If your machine has big problems if by any chance,

   our engineers would arrive there to debug and fix.Could be remote control if needed.

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