Jinan Affordable Cnc Router

Jinan affordable cnc router it can be used for engraving, drilling, cutting, boring and milling, leading edges, etc. It is mainly used for cutting and boring and milling.

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                             Jinan affordable cnc router

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Jinan affordable cnc router Features

1. This machine is suitable for diversification and complexity of product processing or various processing models, and has a wide range of applications: it can be used for engraving, drilling, cutting, boring and milling, leading edges, etc. It is mainly used for cutting and boring and milling.

2. All mechanical and electrical components of this model are international top products. Such as the Japan's servo drive system, Italy imported spindle.

3, bucket type automatic tool change system, magazine capacity 12, branch change time only takes 8 seconds.

4, double-track double-three consecutive transmission machine, is a heavy-cutting processing model.

5, table vacuum adsorption. The whole plate processing can be cut on the wire without sawing, and the production of the mold can be omitted.

6, processing speed up to 45 meters / min.


Application of Jinan affordable cnc router

This model adopts a T-type integrated structure, an overweight stable bed body, and is suitable for woodworking industries such as solid wood doors, panel furniture, cabinet doors, and sliding door soft packs.

Furniture industry: panel furniture, cabinets, sliding doors, soft packs, office furniture, wooden doors;

Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines, musical instruments;

Plate processing: Insulation parts, plastic parts; PCB; EMU inner body, bowling track; Anti-fold special board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbonized mixture;

Decorative industry: boring and milling of soft metal plates such as acrylic, PVC, density plates, 

organic glass, plastics, and copper and aluminum


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9.0kw atc spindle with carrousel type tool magazine with capacity 12 tools.

affordable cnc router spindle

Taiwan Syntec 6 MD controller, professional woodworking control system, it could support double drive function, the Y axis two sides could be back to origin at the same time, keep the Diagonal accuracy

affordable cnc router spindle.jpg

Yaskawa servo motor and driver, imported from Japan, top servo motor in woodworking industry.

Yaskawa motor.jpg

Automatic oil injection system

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Jinan affordable cnc router PARAMETER



X,Y Working Area:


Table Size:


Z feed Height

200mm / 300mm heighten gantry optional

X,Y,Z repositioning Accuracy:


Table Surface:

Vacuum table


Bigger and thicker steel tube structure

X, Y Z Structure:

Taiwan original rail and ball screw

Max. Rapid Travel Rate:


Max. Working Speed:


Spindle Power:

9KW air cooling spindle

Spindle Speed:


Drive Motors:


Command Language:

G code 

Operating System:

Taiwan SYNTEC 6MD control system

Tool magazine

Twelve servo magazine

Working Voltage:

AC380V/50(Option: 220V)

Dust system




Electrical parts


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