High Speed Cnc Wood Carving Router Machine

High Speed Cnc Wood Carving Router Machine

High speed cnc wood carving router machine very hot sale in woodworking industry.A lot of customers use it making kitchen cabinet door.

Product Details

High speed cnc wood carving router machine

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High speed cnc wood carving machine professional working video

High speed cnc wood carving router machine  Features                                                            
1. This 1325 wood cnc router machinery completely replace the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw

2. This 1325 wood cnc router get rid of traditional cutting model dependence on artifical, it can both cutting and drilling,
   it realize intelligent production through the combined with a dedicated production design software. 

3. Good quality parts:adopt Taiwan linear guide rails;German-made ball screw;High-power air cooling spindle; 
   Taiwan reducer; Servo motor and drive system,etc.

4. Reasonable design:independent Operation Cabinet,Keep operation and maintenance to be more conveninet.

5. Perfect automatic oil lubrication system,extend the working life of the machine.

6. Software:with the CV software,It enables easy design and split single of custom wardrobe cabinet,intelligent layout zero  error.

Machine Sample

High speed wood cnc carving router machine samples

High speed wood carving router machine application:                                                                  Material:  MDF, acrylic, green board, soft metal, PVC, aluminum-plastic panel, particle board, insulation board, particle board,solid wood, multilayer board, marble

Product:  Furniture industry: cabinet door, kitchen,door,cabinet,wardrobe, study, chair, table, picture frame, handicraft.
Advertise industry: Advertising board, Label design, Acrylic cutting, model of the multi material decoration products.

Quality Assurance

cnc wood carving router machine testing

Commissioning report

*  The cnc wood carving router machine has our skilled 

    technical staff through the table for accurate measurements. 

*  The wood cnc router machine to go through many debugging. 

*  To ensure perfect and accurate operation when you get the


PHILICAM Group was established in 2003, which is a high-tech corporation with cnc routers development,design,production
,maintainance and marketing. Engaged in R&D of CAD/CAM technology with the cooperation of Shandong Mechanical
Institute,Philicam enjoys fast development and has a high level Professioalism and service system.

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