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1. Air cooling spindle----9 KW china atc air cooling spindle.Well-known brands ,long working life,low noise,strong cutting ability to ensure the long time working. 2.Taiwan Syntec 6MD control system----Easy operation. Support offline operation,more table. 3.Japan Yaskawa servo motor----High-performance drive motor to ensure that the machines high speed and accuracy. 4. HIWIN linear rail 25# from Taiwan ----Smooth and precise transmission,low noise,and lifetime is 10 times longer than common rail way. 5. Vacuum & T-slot combined worktable----Can both absorb big materials by vacuum power and fix small materials by clamps. There is MDF boardon it for protection. 6. Helical rack transmission----Ensure fast speed,big loading capacity,strong power,long lifetime, and it ensures the machine more stable. 7. Carrousel Tool Magazine(ATC 13250 cnc router)---- With 12tool holders and 12 tool forks,can save working time and will work so convenient. Can also choose 6 or 10 tool holders and forks. it also can be added the Aggregates.

Product Details

Hot sale cnc routers

Product Description

Application industry of wood door making cnc router cutting

Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plate, office, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs doors and 
windows. Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine, musical instrumes

Taiwan Syntec 6MD controller systerm

Brand :Taiwan Syntec 


Advantage:USB connection,easy repair and stable enough.Moreover 6MD have double driver function to ensure the accuracy of the diagonal.

Tools magazine

There are 12 positions on this magazine,this can match almost all the requirements in the furniture industry.

Advantage: servo driving,high speed and accurate position,whole process only needs 8 seconds.

Chains for protect

Chains are used to protect the wrires,each wire has their own section in the chain,we use the top brands wires and chains which focus on their materials and structure.High-soft shielded will not deform because the outside weather.

Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Shimpo reducer

We adopt best quality motor for machine runing,also use the Shimpo reducer to keep the motor longer lifetime and high working accuracy.

Lubricating systerm

Its perty necessary to maintain the machine in dust area,to make sure the machine for long operate.

The key advantage of our lubricate systerm is ,it can lubricate 13 different porints at the same time.

China brand 9kw atc air cooling spindle

Cooling type: Air cooling

Roating :0-18000RPM

Have any question of wood door making cnc router cutting,contact me as follows

The advantage of wood door making cnc router cutting

1.Featuring china high frequency air-cooling spindle and world-class servo motor and driving system.
2. Schneider leading international electrical accessories
3.Vacuum table with grids and T-slots,maximize the vacuum hold-down power and also enables you to clamp the worklpiece in place
4.China ATC Spindle metal cover ,and the tool magazine hood for dust-proof.

5. The vacuum valve is controlled by foot pedals.

6.The Pop-up Cylinder can be shut down by automatic when the machinery get starting.

7.New ATC series spindle with ISO 30. it is powerful.

Philicam Exhibition

Philicam all the wood door making cnc router cutting in canton fair .

We met a lot of customer in this fair,and get 5 sets order of the whole furniture production line in this fair.

Philicam Beijing exihibition 

This fair is professional for furniture industry,and all the machine is very popular in this filed.

Our Service

Pre-after sales service for wood door making cnc router cutting

After sales service from philicam 

Why Customer choose Philicam wood door making cnc router cutting?

These are our customers feedback to our machine and service!they are so realy that you can contact them to ask any quesiton about our machines and service!

---- Marvin from Netherlands

I like the machine and i made few work in wood so far)  very happy ! see my first work),also zoe is very professinal,i like her.

--- Sa Hwan Pyo ( from south korea)

Oh!!!! my god!!!!  thank you!!!!  T-T   VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery~ thank you.(we sloved one problem of his G code file he made.  he is very excited to see the problem is sloved by our technist.)

---John from UK , he is very satisfied with our machine quality and service and introduced many customers to us!very thanksful to him )

I have ordered my machine it isvariant of the atc cnc router,
The machine comes powdercoated to stop oxidization from the factory.So far customer service
has been quite good via MSN & E-Mail and whats nice is the enginners lady speaks very good english too,I love China :)


we are very satisfied with your company and with your products. We believe that our market has a big sales potential for your products. We would be interested in cooperation with your company in a long term period. We would be happy to become an exclusive representative of your company in our country.

Our philicam factory                                                                                      

Packing & Delivery
320 (L) * 210 (W) * 195 (D)
Packaging Details
First use the special materials for to cover the machine,to protect the machine from the dust and water.
320 (L) * 210 (W) * 195 (D)
1.2 T
Packaging Details
Strong stell wooden package

Contact Christina                                                                                           


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