PHILICAM F3 ATC CNC Router For Carving And Cutting Wood

F3 is the professional machine for board cutting and drilling of custom panel-type furniture . It completely replace the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw , it get rid of traditional cutting model dependence on artificial , it can both cutting and drilling , it realize intelligent production through the combined with a dedicated production design software . Saving labor , material and time ! Good quality parts : adopt Taiwan linear guide rails ; German-made ball screw ; High-power air cooling spindle ; Taiwan reducer ; Servo motor and drive system , etc Reasonable design : independent Operation Cabinet , keep operation and maintenance to be more convenient . Perfect automatic oil lubrication system , extend the working life of the machine. Software : with the Artcam software , It enables easy design and split single of custom wardrobe cabinet ,intelligent layout , zero error .

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            F3 linear ATC 


FLDM 1325

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The base frame is fabricated from heavy-duty steel, precision machined and stress relieved so that the foundation remains stable and steady over the operational life of the machine.Lathe bed is welded with thick channel steels and square tubes,processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief;Ensure excellent stability,not easy to be deformed


High strength and high stability mechanical structure design moves smoothly.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (18)


9.0kw ATC air cooling spindle.We have Italy HSD   and China CC two brands spindle for option.


High precision, fast cooling speed

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (17)

Auto tools changer

There are 12 positions on this magazine,it can match almost all requirements of furniture production market.

 Whole tool changing process only needs 8 seconds.

 Our tool magazine is located right side of the machine,Workers are injured when they are loading and unloading materials.

 The cover also protect workers avoid get hurt and protect tools in dust area.


Save time,ensure the workers' health.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (15)

Motors and Drivers

Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drivers 850w

This guarantees the high working speed and accuracy,and can realize milling with high speed,high rotating precision,good rotating with low noise. It engraves without any ripple but with smooth bottom level and clear outline.


Low noise,high speed high rotating precision

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (12)

Machine working table

T-solt and Vacumm table

The vacuum table surface is multi-zoned which allows the operator to easily switch from full sheet processing to smaller part processing,  Zones can be turned off easily via control valves on the front of the machine 


Vacuum table with T-slot can not only suck different sizes of materials,but also fix irregular ones,it would be convenient and flexible for your work.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (8)

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is mainly through taking the air away between the workpiece and the table surface,form a negative pressure to achieve the purpose of the workpiece firmly fixed on the table.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (1)

Taiwan Hiwin square rails

Three axis adopt imported high precision widening linear HIWIN guide rail,self-lubricating sliding block.This ensures equal force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (9)

Delta Inverter 

very well control frequency and adjust spindle speed,keep bigger torque when speed of spindle lower or higher 

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (5)

Oil Lubrication system

We adopt the most professional brand”LIUBIAN”auto lubrication system.The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate 13 different points at same time on the machine no matter the point are close or far.


Prolong the lifetime and efficiency of the machine

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (7)

Limited switch

Intelligent processing limit switch function can prevent mechanical impact caused by the improper files or operation.


Protection gantry

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (2)

High soft shielded cable

Each wire has their own section in the chain,Wires are used to connect the electric parts and machine,we use the top brands wires and chains.

High-soft shielded wires are durable after long term use,both chains and wires will not deform because of outside weather.



The role of power line filter is to prevent electromagnetic interference generated by the machine itself into the power line, power line while preventing interference into the machine

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (3)

Dust collector

3.0KW big power,which absorb the dust and chippings,bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe,Better design and quality of the dust brush 


clean the factory environment and protect workers health,low cost of cleaning from workers.

Syntec control system

Syntec is a mature reach and development team with rich experience.

Syntec 6MD used USD connection,it is easy repair and stable enough.Moreover,6MD has double drive function to ensure the accurancy of the diagonal.


It can keep your products qualified.

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (10)

F3圆盘加工中心开料机零部件 (16)

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Technology Support
  •        18 months quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.       

  •       Lifetime maintenance free of charge.                 

  •       Free training course at our plant.                     

  •       We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need  replacement.   

  •       24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.         

  •       Machine has been adjusted before delivery. Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.(Customer pay the round way tickets and accommadations)

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