Panel Furniture CNC Router Machinary

Name:Panel Furniture CNC Router Machinary
Working area: 1300*2500mm
Working table: T-slot and Vacuum Table
Spindle:Air cooling system
Drive system: Stepper driver
Operate system: DSP A11/NC Studio
Applications: cabinet door, soild wooden door, wood plate, plane cutting, 3D embossment and so on.

Product Details

Panel Furniture CNC Router Machinary


Machine Features

1. The working table is T-slot and vacuum table, you can adjust the way to fix plate in accordance with your demands.


2. Adopts Taiwan Hiwin square guild rails along with double row four columns ball slider, large bearing capacity, smooth and reliable operation, high precission and long service time.

齿条 导轨

3. Nc studio control by PC with unique intelligent budget rules, full electrical potential to achieve high speed processing, liner synchronous, the curve is more perfect.


Parameter of Vacuum Table Panel Funiture CNC Router

1325 T-slot and Vacuum Table CNC Router
Working tableT-slot and vacuum table 
Driving Method

X/Y axis: Hiwin rail

Z axis: screw 

ControllerDAP A11/Nc Studio
Size4x8 feet Weight1300KG
Power9KW Air cooling systemDriverStepper Servo

Carving Samples

philicam cnc router (18)

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Panel Furniture CNC Router Machinary

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