Multi-head Big Size Cnc Router Machine

multi-head big size cnc router machine
working size:2100*3000*200
spindle:air cooling spindle
table:vacuum table
control system:DSPa11
inverter:fuling inverter
water pump
hiwin guide rail and herion rack

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Multi-head big size cnc router machine

2130double head (3)

2130double head                                                                                                                           


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2130double head (2)

Why is the bed digging?       

All parts of the machine are blocked during welding, and heat needs to be dissipated during tempering, so dig holes.

Why should the bed be added with steel?

We did n’t understand the process. We used PVC. Because PVC is flexible, it has depth and lightnessduring the work. Therefore, we changed the bottom plate every ten days. During the process, the accuracy was high, and the bottom plate was changed only once every two or three months.


Why not spread the entire steel plate on it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Because the entire steel plate is placed on it, the machine is prone to trembling during the running process, which causes the accuracy of the spindle to be lowered during the cutting process.

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