High Z Axis CNC

* Model: High Z Axis CNC
* Product name: Multiple purpose woodworking machine
* Application: Woodworking
* Supplier type: Machine manufacturer
* Introduction: Start from 2003
* Business type: Domestic and International
* Warranty: 24 month
* Service: All life time English speaking engineer
* Location: Jinan city, China
* Your satisfaction is our goal

Product Details


High Z Axis CNC Introduction

High Z zxis cnc router machine with standard wood cnc router machine model, adopt 1300*2500mm working area and 300mm a axis height.

High Z Axis CNC

High Z Axis CNC Spercification

ModelSingle head cnc router
Product nameHigh Z Axis CNC
Working area1300*2500mm
Z axis300mm
TableT-slot and PVC table
Spindle4.5kw air cooled spindle
ColletER 25
Drive systemServo motor and drive
InverterFuling inverter
ControllerNC studio original

High Z Axis CNC Advantage

* One head cnc router machine economic model

* 1300*2500mm working area suitable for standard board size

* Z axis with 300mm hight.

* T-slot working table can hold any size material stable

* NC studio original controller, easy operate.

High Z Axis CNC Application

High Z Axis CNC

High Z Axis CNC

High Z Axis CNC Package

High Z Axis CNC

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High Z Axis CNC

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