Dual Spindles CNC Router With Low Price

1300*2500*300 MM Working area
3.5 KW HQD air cooled spindle*2
Fuling inverter
Leadshine stepper motor & Yako driver
Z-axis: Hiwin ball screw
Hiwin square rail guide
Helical rack
T-slot table
Dust collector

Product Details

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Features of FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

Dual spindles CNC router FLDM1325-A2 with two spindles is customized for changing the tools. It's not only economic, but also can realize auto tool change, save the time of manual tool change and improve the working speed and precision. And it can engrave two work pieces at the same time to reach the same effect. What's more, this machine could mirror-sculpture (same engraving path, but in opposite directions) by changing the cables, which is widely used for door carving.

FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

The CNC Machine is mainly used to engrave and cut the wood board, cabinets, MDF, PVC, plastic, acrylic, etc.

The machine body is made of thick welded steel tubes which have gone through strict tempering and stress relief treatment, not easy to deflect.

Advantage of FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

1) 3.5kw Chinese best band HQD air cooling spindle, suitable for wood wooking.

FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

2) X,Y axis: Taiwan Hiwin square rail guide, ensure high engraving precision.

FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

Aplication of FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

Woodworking Industry: door, Cabinets, tables and chairs, office wood furniture.

Cabinet processing: Insulation, plastic and chemical, PCB, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixture.

Decoration Industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF.

Configuration of FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

Motor & DriverLeadshine stepper motor & Yako driver
Spindle3.5 KW HQD air cooled spindle*2 
Working area
1300*2500*300 MM
ControllerDSP A11 
InverterFuling inverter
Dust collect system3.5 KW dust collector
Z transmissionTaiwan TBI ball screw
X,Y transmissionTaiwan Hiwin square rail guide

PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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FLDM1325-A2 Dual Spindles CNC Router

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