Furniture Making Cnc Router Machine

Furniture making cnc router machine
HQD 3.5KW ER25 air cooling spindle
DSP A11E control system

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Furniture making cnc router machine:

Furniture making cnc router machine

A1_cnc router vacuum table

1325 vacuum table

Furniture making cnc router machine

Factory price cnc router 3D carving machine double spindle cnc router

♥ Using high-precision linear guide rail, X Y adopts high-precision helical gear transmission, which has large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long service life and accurate lower cutter.

♥ The whole machine adopts steel structure for seamless welding, good rigidity, strong strength and rigidity, and the machine bearing capacity can reach more than one ton.
♥ High-power spindle motor with high cutting force and high efficiency.

♥ Software compatibility, compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design software such as Typ3 / Artcam / Castmate / Wentai.

♥ It has the functions of power failure recovery, breakpoint continuous carving and so on.

♥ Thickened square tube welding, fine grinding by milling machine to ensure installation 


Factory price cnc router 3D carving machine 



FLDM 1325
Working Area1300*2500mm*300mm
Spindle Power 3.0kw (optional)
Max Engraving Speed20000mm/min
Working Accuracy±0.08/300mm
Table SurfaceT-slot and Vacuum Working Table
Transmission SystemTAIWAN High Accuracy Guide Rail
Control SystemNC Sutdio/DSP A11
Spindle Speed6000-24000rpm
Supported FormatPLT,DST,DXF,BMP,AI, support AutoCAD,CorelDraw output directly.
Tool Diameterφ3.175mm φ6mm φ12.7mm

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