Double Head CNC Router Machine

Double Head CNC Router Machine

Double Head CNC Router Machine that could make same design at the same time, save cost.

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Double Head CNC Router Machine

double head cnc router machine

Advantage of double head cnc router machine

The model bed is welded with thick-walled square tubes and is more stable than ordinary square tubes. Square brackets, beautiful and generous.
The square steel welded structure adopts a thick-walled rigid structure and is more stable, which can effectively reduce the swaying feeling of the gantry.
Adopt Taiwan Hiwin linear square guide rails, double-row four-row ball slide blocks, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long service life, high precision of imported ball screw, and accurate lower knife.
Using DSP control system, the microcomputer operation, the operation is easy, and the maintenance is simpler.
Using unique intelligent predictive algorithms to give full play to the potential of driving, high-speed processing, curved line synchronization, and more sleek curves.
Good software compatibility, compatible with type3, Actcam, Wentai, and other CAM design software.
High-speed driving stepper motor and driver, Y-axis adopts dual-motor drive, making it possible to run at a speed of up to 20m/min or more, and in combination with vigorously cutting the spindle, the engraving speed can be increased.

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Double head cnc router machine application:

Woodworking industry: wave board processing, wooden kitchen cabinet doors, pattern engraving, antique furniture carving, craft wood doors, paint-free doors, screens, process window fans.
Advertising industry: Production of advertising logos, signage, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal characters production, plastic molding and other advertising material reincarnation products.
Process gifts: toys, gifts, and other materials such as copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, two-color board, marble processing.
Other industries: decoration, plastic light box, mold, woodworking building model, sign industry, woodworking furniture industry, teaching, enterprises and other industries

double head cnc router sample

double head cnc router

Machine parts

double head cnc router

cnc rorouter two head

We are cnc router machine manufacture since 2003, until now we have exported double head cnc router machine to many countries.

There are three workshops to produce double head cnc router machine.

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