Cnc Router Machine With Tool Change

Cnc Router Machine With Tool Change

cnc router machine with tool change
working size:1300*2500*200
spindle:air cooling spindle
inverter:fuling inverter
tool change:8~12 tool change
table:vacuum table
control system:LNC
guide rail and rack:taiwan hiwin guide rail and helical herion rack
cylinder:position cylinder

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 cnc router machine with tool change


atc cnc router machines

8~12 tool change

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model:1325working size:1300*2500*200mm
air cooling spindleinverter:fuling inverter
motor:servo motorand drivertable:vacuum table
control system:LNCcylinder:position cylinder
guide rail:taiwan hiwin square railtool: 8~12 tool change

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cnc router machine advantages

Adopt high precision helical teeth, large contact area with gears, close meshing, high accuracy, fast running, stable torsion.

The advantages of Automatic oiling system

1, microcomputer control, DIP switch settings 1,2,3,6,12 months automatic, uniform, timely and accurate daily injections of lubricant required. 2, the microcomputer with immediate start, no start-up delay time. 3, active controlled lubrication management, substantial savings in equipment maintenance costs. 4, to avoid contamination or disruption of the oil spill troubles. 5, can maintain sustained new oil supply lubricating surface. 6, can be stopped at any time according to need renewable.

The advantages of Plywood Case Package: 

Firstly, plywood case, its compressive strength and bearing quality is better, is the market of choice for the goods of high-weight packaging Secondly , the board area is big, the soil structure is good,and operational process is simple, So its is better in leakproofness and waterproof. Thirdly , when importing the plywood case is with fumigation-free , the procedure is simple

Advantages Of Vacuum table:

saving time, improving efficiency. Tips: Put a piece of thin board on the table, good seal, so as to ensure no leakage. Disadvantages of vacuum table: limited by the thickness of the material, too thick, can not suck; If too thin, easy to be dent. Straight plank not easy adsorption. Hollow out inappropriate.

cnc router machine with tool change samples

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CNC router application industries

The advertising industry :

Cnc router can engrave all kinds of signage,trademark,nameplates,badge,decorative gift,embossed medal,certificate, souvenir,photo frame,furniture decoration.

Small-scale woodworking industry:

Cnc router can be used for solid wood furniture,mahogany furniture,MDF paint door, solid wood door,composite door,cupboard door and window,bedside cabinet,folding screen etc.

Artwork industry :

Cnc router can process wooden craft,mural art of wood,artwork.embossed,jewelery,cosmetics package,musical instrument.

Soft metal processing: 

Cnc router can process aluminum front panel,pop can,aluminum honeycomb panel,train car and aircraft interior decoration,bronze medal,copper mold.

Electronics industry: 

Cnc router can engrave electronic component,integrated circuit,electronic plastic case,electronic product model,circuit board,electronic Light box,computer and mobile phone keyboard,engraving a variety of electronic products. 

cnc router machine with tool change factory

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