Cnc Router Machine 4*8

cnc router machine 4*8
working size:1300*2500
spindle:air cooling spindle
motor: stepper motor and driver
inverter:fuling inverter
table:t-slot table
tool:one box free tool
other:according to customer's need

Product Details

cnc router machine 4*8 introduction



cnc router machine 4*8 advantages

 Please have a look our machine welding bed,they are use 8 mm steel ,After hundred times’ special vibrate experiments,we ensure that the lathe will not deform duringtheir long-term working hours. With enhanced welding technicals, we provide our machines good stability, longer life and amazing accuracy rate. Compared with other manufacturers ’ 4.8mm body thickness, we believe that our products will totally attain even your most rigorous requirements.

 Ball screw transmission:

The ball screw, is composed of screw, nut and ball.Its function is to convert rotary motion to linear motion. Because the bearing after rolling movement into sliding movement has very small friction resistance, ball screw is widely used in all kinds of engraving equipment and precision instruments. Suitable for classical annatto furniture and antique furniture carving processing, wood carving craft, gift box, such as mahogany casket products, inkstone head carved processing, decorative products carving art. 

Rack and gear transmission: 

Rack transmission is through the precision rack control accuracy of gear drive a way of transmission of the equipment operation. Carpentry industry: board plane, three-dimensional wave board processing, screen, process window processing, cabinet door, solid wood doors, craft wooden door, avoid lacquer engraving, cutting, hollow out of the door, punching processing, etc

cnc router machine 4*8 details

主轴 cc注油mmexport1566287012155
air cooling spindleoil lubricationdouble bag dust collection
  1. Domestic CC brand spindle

  2. stable speed

  3. good resistance

  1. Automatic oiling system

  2. easy to maintaineasy 

  3. prolong the life

  1. keep the machine clean

  2. Save time and costs

  3. Improve product quality

cnc router machine 4*8 video

cnc router machine 4*8 samples
cnc router
cnc router sample

cnc router machine 4*8 factory


Philicam cnc router machine 

Philicam Group was established in 2003, which is a high-tech corporation with cnc routers development,design,production,maintainance and marketing. Engaged in R&D of CAD/CAM technology with the cooperation of Shandong Mechanical Institute,Philicam enjoys fast development and has a high level Professionalism and service system.

Philicam customer's from all over the world




customer visit

Philicam was initially registered with half million RMB,and keep investment during the past years.Now Philicam has total value of 400 million RMB.Our customers and agents are located in 110 countries like south-east Asia,Middle east ,America areas and Europe. 

400 staffs are divided into 30% R&D department,40% technicians and engineers,13% sales and service and 4% for the back-end support. Philicam aims to double the scale and have 1000 staffs in 3 yeas,and reach 1 billion annually turnover and become a listed company.

Philicam sale-after service

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CNC router machine for furniture related Products
one head cnc routerIMG-20190923-WA0012f2-9 (2)
             TIM图片20180523173017            TIM图片20180523173017                   TIM图片20180523173017
If you are interested in cnc router machines contact me:+8618265176293

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