Customized Wood CNC Router

* 1500*2500*200mm working area
* 5.5kw water cooled spindle
* T-slot working table
* DSP A11 controller
* Stepper motor
* Yako driver
* Fuling inverter
* Manual lubricating system
* Limit switch
* Machine manufacturer

Product Details


                    Customized Woodworking CNC Router Machine

* Adopt artcam software, which is suitable for the 3d design.

* We have Engineer and video which can show you how to use it.

* Woodworking machine are becoming more and more popular, why not have them in advance?

20190704 1525 (16)

20190704 1525 (6)

 Machine working video in our factory 

* All our machine will be test before delivery to make sure when you received the machine without any issue.

 Wood cnc router machine details 

* All this machine parameter were decided by the customer

 Woodworking machine FCL delivery 

* Totally 6 machine delivery with one 40ft HQ, save the machine delivery cost.

machine delivery

 Wood cnc router machine manufacturer - PHILICAM 

machine factory

 Philicam customer 

* Some customer will check our machine in our factory with cash payment, welcome visit us.

wood cnc customer

 Welcome contact with Jenna 


* There are more information about the cnc router, welcome check with Youtube.

* Contact with me if you have any intereste.

wood cnc router

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