CNC Router 1525

# Double 6.0kw HQD Air Cooled Spindle
# 1500*2500*200MM Working Area
# NC Studio Original 95A Controller
# Computer and Big Contorl Box
# T-slot & PVC table along X axis
# Leadshine Servo Motor
# Double Bag Dust Collect System
# Manual Lubrication

Product Details

                         1525 Cabinet Wood CNC Router Machine

Machine structure producing with five axis machining center

Wood router in production

cnc router 1525

cnc router 1525 (2)

Machine advantage

* Working area with 1500*2500*200mm

* T-slot table along X axis

* Blue and white, simple atmosphere

* Dust-proof sheet metal design on both sides of the countertop

Front of the cabinet machine

furniture making machine

Back of the furniture cnc

kitchen making machine

Gantry of wood cnc router

* Limit switch at both ends of the gantry to guarantee the safety.

philicam machine

Test before delivery

* All our machine will be test before delivery, to make sure the machine can work properly.

Ready cnc machine

* Take a full picture, so you can see the machine more intuitively.

wood cnc router

cnc router machine

Package of the wood cnc router

* Weight: 1300kg

* Size: 3150*2200*1750mm

wood cnc router

Wood cnc router machine manufacturer --- PHILICAM

* Machine manufacturer since 2003

* Focus on the wood cnc router machine rpoduction

* Business for international and domestic

* Professional English speaking engineer for service

* All our machine can be customized for you

* Visit our factory anytime you are free

philicam cnc router

CNC router 1525 customer

* Our customers come from all over the world, Customer satisfaction is our greatest goal.

machine customer

Contact with Jenna

Jenna cnc   Name:  Jenna 
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   Facebook:  Jenna CNC 
   Whatsapp:  008617852823523 
   Skype/imo/Line:  008617852823523 
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