ATC Cnc Woodworking Machine

It's the professional machine for board cutting and drilling of custom panel-type furniture.It completely replace the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw,it get rid of traditional cutting madel dependence on artifical,it can both cutting and drilling,it realize intelligent production through the combined with a dedicated production design softwere.Saving labor,material and time!Good quality parts:adopt Taiwan linear guide rail;German-made ball screw;High-power air cooling spindle;Taiwan reducer;Servo motor and drive system,etc.Reasonable design:independent operation cabinet,keep operation and maintenance to be more convenient.Perfect automatic oil lubrication system,extend the working life of the machine.Sofeware:with the CV software,It enables easy design and design and split single of custom wardrobe cabinet,intelligent layout,zero error

Product Details

6kw air-cooled spindle*2
guide rail
table surface
double vacuum table
servo motor
product details of cnc router
we use Taiwan Airtac cyliders.The concept of the design is easy installation,easy replacement,easy testing and easy to adjust the Parallelism and perpendicularity of the cylinders.Other suppliers dont have the concept that we have,not even to mention the accuracy.
Its function is keep good maintainance,keep good environment clean,and make sure good quality of final products.Compare with other suppliers,we have bigger diameter and better quality dust pipe,better design and quality of the dust brush,these ensure perfect dust collections system.
XY axis adopt rack and gear transmission.Z axis adopts rolling ball screw,wearable,high positioning accuracy and good moving stability.
Three axis adopt imported high precision widening linear HIWIN guide rail,self-lubricating sliding block.This ensures equal force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.
Firstly all the installing surface are processed by five axis machining cnter,this can make the accuracy high enough. Secondly the pop-up pins are equinged with aluminum slots along Y axis,when the machine used the pushing function the slots will rise up as a tank on the table surface so that the positioning surface is big enough to stop smalls pieces falling off the machine.
Its pretty necessary to maintain the machine in the dust area from woodworking,lubricating system can prolong the lifetime and efficiency of the machine.We adopt the most professional brand "LIUBIAN"auto lubrication system.The biggest advantage is that it can lubricate 13 different points at same time on the machine no matter the points are close or far.
Samples of cnc router
Packing&Shipping of cnc router
Certificate of Philicam
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