Automatic Furniture Making Machine

Automatic Furniture Making Machine
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Automatic Furniture Making Machine

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Spindle and tool magezine of  Automatic Furniture Making Machine

The Automatic Furniture Making Machine is made of 9.0kw atc spindle that could work with the circle tool magazine to change 12 tools automatically, work with reducer and servo motor, it could change tool within 8 seconds, faster speed than linear tool changer.

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Push device of Automatic Furniture Making Machine

There is a push device under the gantry, it will push the finished board in front of machine table, the push device is connected with dust collector, it will clean the table while pushing boards to make the table clean.

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pop up pins on atc cnc wood carving machine

The pop up pins are made of aluminum slot, with large contact surface, it can fix the material position on the table.

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Our factory

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