Automated CNC Router Machine for Wood Carving

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automated cnc router machine for wood carving

wood carving cnc router machine


1. automated cnc router machine for wood carving adopt Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails along with double row four columns ball slider,Large bearing capacity ,Smooth and reliable operation,High precision, and long service time.

2.I nstall big power air-cooling spindle,stable performance.

3.Nc studio control by PC with unique intelligent budget rules,full electrical potential to achieve high speed processing ,linear synchronous,the curve is more perfect.

4.advanced file pre-treatment function can correct the error in the files and is compatible with the process codes of multiple software.(such as Types/Artcam/Castmater/weitai,etc)

Machine parts.

The automated cnc router wood carving machine is made of 9.0kw atc spindle.

with carrousel type automatic tool magazine, it could change 8-12 tools automaticlly on cutting and engraving.

The tool sensor make the z axis back to zero automatically.

Yaskawa servo from Japan makes the machine work high accuracy.

wood carving router

Here are the cabinet and door samples made by automated cnc router machine for wood carving.

cnc router sample

Working process.

We have professional cnc router machine engineer on quality controll and after sales service.

cnc router process

wood carving machine

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cnc route carving machine

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