Atc Woodworking Cnc Router

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atc woodworking cnc router

atc wood cnc

woodworking cnc

Application of atc wood cnc router:

1.Furnitue: plate,office furniture,doors,cabinets.
2.Wood products: speakers,computer tables,musical instruments, ABS,PP,PE and other materials.
3.Decoration industry: Acrylic,PVC,MDF,glass,plastic and copper and aluminum soft metal cutting.

Test video on tool change speed

Samples of atc wood cnc router

woodworking cnc router

atc cnc router

Machine parts on atc wood cnc router

pop up pins to fix material position, the aluminum slot can keep the small piece not fall off the table.

It can up and down to fix board position.

cnc router

9.0kw atc spindle with circle tool magazine. It could change 12 tools automatically.

cnc router atc

Yaskawa servo motor and driver

yaskawa servo cnc router

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