Tool Change Wood Cnc Router High Speed

tool change wood cnc router high speed
working size:1300*2500*200mm
spindle:9kw air cooling spindle
inverter:fuling inverter
control system:LNC
guide rail and rack:hiwin guide rail and herion rack
warranty:two years warranty

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tool change wood cnc router high speed




tool change wood cnc router high speed details

High-speed, high-torque, high-precision 3.0kw water-cooled spindle, using Fuling frequency converter speed regulation, can meet the needs of high-speed machining and accuracy assurance; can achieve high-speed milling of cutters, high rotation accuracy, low rotation vibration, and low working noise. The carving is fine without ripples, the bottom surface is smooth and the outline is clear.


1)The transmission efficiency is high.

2)High sensitivity. (no vibration, no crawling, synchronicity is good).

3)High positioning accuracy. (can realize zero clearance transmission, strong rigidity,

temperature rise is small).

4) long service life. (is more than 4 times than the normal ball screw, small wear,

precision retention period is long).

5) use the lubrication , maintenance is convenient and reliable

ball screw

Rack transmission is a transmission method in which the transmission precision is controlled by the precision rack, and the gear drives the equipment to run. Woodworking industry: flat panel, three-dimensional wave board processing, screen, craft window and window processing, cabinet door, solid wood door, craft wood door, paint-free door carving, cutting, hollowing, punching and other processing.

guide rail (2)

tool change wood cnc router high speed video

tool change wood cnc router high speed samples



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