1325 ATC Cnc Router

# Table size:1300*2500*200mm
# Spindle power: 9kw air cooling spindle
# Spindle speed:18000-24000r/min
# Control system:Taiwan Syntec control system
# Motor and driver:Yaskawa Servo motor and driver
# Tool magazine:12 knives with servo motor
# Table surface:Double vacuum table
# Vacuum Pump:7.5kw water pump
# Dust collector:5.5kw double bag collector
# Guide Rail:Taiwan original 25mm square rail

Product Details

Philicam 1325 ATC wood cnc router with automatic tools changer

Machine desfcription <<<<<

1325 ATC wood cnc router

1325 ATC cnc router

Applicable Materials:MDF, Wood, Plywood, Solid Wood, PVC, Acrylic,  ABS, Double-color board, Crystal, Copper, Aluminum composite panel, Marble, Leather, Paper,Plastic, Plexiglass, Plywood,Rubber, Stone etc.

Applications:Woodworking Industries: Cupboard, Craft Wooden Door, Panel Engraving and Cutting, Furniture Processing and etc.

Advertising Industries: Advertising Signs, Acrylic Cutting,Logo Making, Plastic Molding, and decorative products making and etc. 

1325 ATC cnc router

The factory of 1325 ATC cnc router

1. Making machine bed by 5 axis maching center

1325 ATC cnc router

2. 1325 ATC cnc router installation workshop

1325 ATC cnc router

3. Philicam factory appearance

1325 ATC cnc router

Philicam CNC routers are used for cutting a wide variety of materials. The path of the machine is directed by computer numerical control or DSP controller to give you the precision and accuracy you need from every cut. Whether you have an industrial application, a home or starter business, or even a hobby that requires specific cuts, Philicam CNC routers are the perfect solution to give you the best possible finished product.

Working video of cnc router machine


         Philicam F3 carving cnc router                                   Linear ATC wood cnc router


    Best 1325 ATC cnc router machine                            2030 double heads cnc router

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