1325 Cnc Router Price / Multi Spindle Woodworking Cnc Router Machine

1325 Cnc Router Price / Multi Spindle Woodworking Cnc Router Machine
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1325 cnc router price / multi spindle woodworking cnc router machine


woodworking cnc router machine Application

Material: MDF, acrylic, green board, soft metal, PVC, aluminum-plastic panel, particle board, insulation board, particle board, solid wood, multilayer board, marble

Product: Furniture industry: cabinet door, kitchen,door,cabinet,wardrobe, study, chair, table, picture frame, handicraft.

Advertise industry: Advertising board, Label design, Acrylic cutting, model of the multi material decoration products.


woodworking cnc router machine Parts

woodworking cnc router samples.jpg



Woodworking cnc router machine Main Features

1. Install big power air-cooling spindle,stable performance.

2. Vacuum table can be effective adsorption of different size plates.

3. Advanced file pre-treatment function can correct the error in the files and compatible with the process codes of muitiple software.

4. This cnc machinery adopts Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails along with double row four columns ball slider,large bearing capacity,

Smoth and reliable operation,High precision,long service time.

5. NC studio control by PC with Unique intelligent budget rules, full electrical potential to achieve high speed processing, linear synchronous,the curve is more perfect.

Samples of our woodworking cnc router machine

atc cnc router.jpg

samples of woodworking cnc router machine.jpg


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