Woodworking Sanding Machine Common Fault Analysis

• Abrasive belt deviation: generally due to improper adjustment, normal belt swing should swing for 15-20mm, set the frequency of 15-20/min, moderate swing speed and swing put speed consistent. If in an irregular status, for a long time, possible deviation phenomenon, especially into put speed consistent, easily trigger off. Sand belt deviation photocell failure may, swing swing valve or cylinder damaged. Poor cleaning, high dust concentrations would affect the optical work, may also cause sanding belt deviation.

• Limit failure:

Belt on both sides of limit switch, when swing belt failure, when running into the side, touch the limit switches, belt loosened, main motor stops automatically, can effectively protect the belt. Once damages limit failure can cause belt, friction rack-Mars, and even cause fires and explosions. Limit switch should always check the reliability of the movement.