Woodworking Machine Use

1. before starting to pick up oil pipes, electric spindle spindle motor through oil pipes and start again, when installing plumbing tubing can't be wrong. Spindle on both sides for pipes, tubing (CNC drilling and Milling spindle is greased, do not use the above method. )

2. should take when using spindle oil pipes, pipe joints should be clean to prevent dirt entering the bearing burned out. Operators must see electro-spindle slightly after oil leaked, to start the electro-spindle, oil mist lubrication recommendation through regulating 5th spindle oil, inlet pipe for the 20-30 drops/min, often not oil, or it will cause damage to the spindle.

3. When you do, you must do the spindle after a full stop, closed oil mist, so as to prolong the shows start should not be too frequent.

4. spindle grinding wheel pole must be checked before using coaxial, such as axis should exceed 0.03 mm wheel extension bar, otherwise damage the spindle and grinding not work, grinding should be careful not to crash, should be corrected and then grinding.