Woodworking Furniture And Custom Factory Differences Should Be So Big

Environmental issues

National Panel products with mandatory environmental standards, national standards for up to E1, but furniture is not just limited to environmentally-friendly plates of environmental requirements. Sheet E1 can be achieved, but in secondary veneer processing, edge gluing problem no control could still result in furniture of formaldehyde standard. Updated fast manufacturers generally use the EO grade plate, edge with plants as the raw materials of starch adhesive is also used to control and guarantee of the amount of formaldehyde released.

Site making of furniture, by with woodworking Board internal large using urinary aldehyde rubber, formaldehyde content high, due to its products structure is glue added nail, processing Shi also need large glue, by with glue most has formaldehyde exceeded case, so site playing business of furniture very not environmental, especially has owners presence Shi, to said not Jerry, site playing business of things strong, may also will to you said "to you more coated some glue", not know such do out of furniture formaldehyde content more Shang has a grade.