What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Wood Cnc Router Machine?


     Precautions for purchasing a woodworking cnc router

  1. Manufacturer or trade company?

The first thing to pay attention to when buying a machine is whether your supplier is a machine manufacturer or a trading company. If it is a trading company, they also get the goods from the manufacturer, the price includes machine cost and their profits. When choosing a manufacturer, you also need to pay attention to how long the company has been established and they are only do international sales or domestic either. If a machine manufacturer not only does international sales but also sells domestically, their quality can be guaranteed.

   2. After-sales service

This big machine is different from consumables and it is not a one-off service, so the service is very important. No matter how good the manufacturer is, it can't guarantee that every machine with no problem when the customer received, but the attitude of the service is very important when encountering problems. I have met several customers who contacted me and said that their machine is having problems now and they can't get the reply from the supplier. Everyone knows that before the customer please the order, the sales will say how good the machine and service they provide, it is difficult for customers to distinguish between true and false, so I suggest that if you can, it is best to visit their factory or go to the local customer to see the machine.

   3. Machine price

I have met many customers and said that they want machines with low price and good quality. My suggestion is to buy machines with good quality and reasonable price. Children understand that if their price is lower than the cost, how can they guarantee the quality of the machine?

It’s like when I buy clothes as a customer, the sale says that the price of this cloth is different because of their different quality.

  4. one more sentence

Don't just put your attention on the price of the machine, whether you are a user or an agent, the quality, service and price are equally important for the machine.

If you are a user, the machine is bought for yourself. The cheap quality  machines with problems everywhere after receiving the machine, what do you think? If you have problems and contact the service but without reply, what do you think? Finally, the machine can't be used, and it wastes money and what do you think?

As an agent, the machine was bought to sell to customers. If your customer is not satisfied after receiving the machine, call you all day, what do you think? Want long-term development, but there is no good feedback from customer,  what do you think?

  5. Contact Jenna

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